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ethomaz said:
Raistline said:
Sony has only taken a total loss of $7 Billion over the life of the PS3. They only need to have nearly double the success of the PS2 to be profitable when only comparing the two platforms.
Gaming division profit/loss only:
2007 -1,970,923,859
2008 -1,079,994,103
2009 -577,207,240
2010 -1,050,000,000
2011 $435,500,000.00
2012 -2,800,000,000
2013 16,500,000
Total -7,026,125,202

False... way wrong numbers.

Game Division History

Where did you get this from, I am very curious. I spent the last half hour searching for year end loss and gain reports for Sony's gaming devision and the number I posted where what I received.