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LOL I never said I was a market visionary, but I do know that MS is NOT.  I use Windows 8.1 and love it, but it was not what the basic consumer wants (Engineers love it!).  They are wasting their time in other markets which significantly weakening the one thing they do right.  Now Balmer is stepping down so I'm sure things will improve from here...

They're going to sell well over 80,000,000 360 consoles, have an extremely lucrative business model with Live (one that Sony is now emulating), and have a great selling successor on the market now. I think they know more about the gaming market than the guy I was responding to. I am afraid I cannot make it any simpler for you.

LOL and your argument just fell apart like a house of cards.  The Xbox division has been losing 2 Billion dollars a year (covered up by patent money).  In fact investors have been telling them to drop Xbox practically since it launched. No, they have no clue what they are doing.  Just go watch their Xbox One reveal to see their most recent blunder...

And Sony burned all the money they made with PS1 and 2 combined with the PS3, you do realize that Sony make significant loss across the last +10 years and that they was quite close to bankruptcy? You do realize that Sonys major Investors Daniel Loeb wanted the same thing multipletimes from Sony like some want from Microsoft now? You do realize that opposed to Sony Microsoft makes every  year a huge profit and the Xbox 360 opposed to the ps3 made too a huge profit the last years?

I can't follow of your opposed sentences, but I will say that "Duh!  Sony has made a lot of mistakes in the past 10 years."  However they have a good CEO now who has his sh!t together.  Hopefully MS will get the same.  


LOL it's not hard for me to admit that Sony F'ed up a ton of stuff in the PS3 era.   Some of you act like MS is your mom...

Prediction for console Lifetime sales:

Wii:100-120 million, PS3:80-110 million, 360:70-100 million

[Prediction Made 11/5/2009]

3DS: 65m, PSV: 22m, Wii U: 18-22m, PS4: 80-120m, X1: 35-55m

I gauruntee the PS5 comes out after only 5-6 years after the launch of the PS4.

[Prediction Made 6/18/2014]