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Augluae said:
Masturbating is a sickness: it reduces your energy, ambition and even mood after the initial endorphin kick, and it acts like a drug.

In fact it's really hard to stop masturbating because it's behaves like an addiction: according to you masturbating habits, you'll have to find replacements and train to not do it. All this KNOWING one important fact: like for stopping any addiction, every time you try to stop but fail, the dependency gets stronger so only try if you're ready.

There are 3 main axes to stop the addiction:

1. Replacement. Like for any drug, every time you find yourself thinking or wanting to do it, try to stop RIGHT away thinking about it, the best being by having a "cue" of replacement, the best being a fresh glass of water, a slap in your face, or do 10 push-ups serie. The key here, and in your head, it to associate the need for masturbation with something negative, effortfull or bland, and associate the refusal or absence of masturbation with something good, satisfactory or joyfull.

2. Diminution. This is a tricky one: slow down your pace and the number of jack-offs you allow yourself to have. Knowing that like for every drug, having one go is a reminder of what you associate with good feeling, it's better to cut right away the number of jack-offs. Also if you skip or give up, then it's DONE, there's no "I'll keep up later". That's why the more you give your self time in between to stop your masturbation with negative association, and the absence of masturbation with good association, it'll diminish the satisfaction of masturbation.

3. Love. There's no better way to stop masturbation by having the intention, trying or succeeding in hooking-up with a girl. Even if you don't "make love" with her, just kissing, hooking-up up with her and having the intention to follow, or even better, finding and going out with a girl (even if you're not confident or ready in fucking her yet) is the best solution to forget masturbation, if aside from this you continue association masturbation with negative things, replacing it with sport, a glass of water or any non-destructive replacement.

You take masterbation way too seriously brah