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I totally agree, Shams, that the Wii has the ability to pull in a lot of non-gamers. And you're probably right that some reviewers are probably just really stubborn and don't want to give the Wii a chance (even though i did say otherwise two posts ago). I don't think the majority of reviewers feel that way about the Wii though, especially considering the near-universal praise of the system. Then again debating about this point is pretty pointless considering there is no way to know for sure. My big point is that a Wii game is only as good as its controls because that is the single biggest feature of the console. If someone feels the controls are just plain awkward, the game is gonna get bad reviews despite whatever else the game has going for it. Also, if I think the controls for a particular Wii game could be done better on a standard controller, then the Wii game is using the gesture based layout solely for the sake of it. Or they're using motion controls because its easier for those non-gamers you're talking about. Which is fine, but why do I have to suffer for the sake of a non-gamer? I won't suffer because I won't buy the game. Instead i'll keep looking for a Wii game that does motion controls as I see fit. I believe if motion controls are done right, it doesn't matter if you prefer a standard controller or not, you will still like the gesture-based game. I think the very mixed reviews for SSX show that the controls are far from achieving universal appeal, and therefore the game warrants a rent first, buy later attitude because you may love it, or you may hate it. I'm glad reviewers are approaching Wii games with different attitudes because it gives me a better sense of whether i'll like it or not. A reviewers job isn't to approach a game the way my mother would approach it.

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