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ReVeN is a game inspired by Metroid and Deus Ex, the game has already been confirmed for Windows, Mac and Linux

The game seems to be taking a bit too much from metroid but it is 2D and it has been long since a 2D metroid was made so no problem

More details: http://revenshift.wix.com/reven#!gallery/c16ye

bet with ash3336 he wins if Super Mario 3D World sells less than Mario Sunshine during the first three years, I win if 3D World outsells Sunshine's first 3 years. Loser get sig controlled for 3 months (punishment might change)

Do you doubt the WiiU? Do you believe that it won't match the GC?

Then come and accept this bet

Nintendo eShop USA sales ranking 2/12/2013 : http://gamrconnect.vgchartz.com/thread.php?id=173615