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ghettoglamour said:
flagstaad said:
ghettoglamour said:
I think the Wii U has no sexuality at all!

Funny story, in spanish all worlds (almost all) have a gender, so you can translate THE Wii U, as:

La Wii U (femenine)

El Wii U (masculine)

I personally always use the male gender for ALL consoles, but I had heard both usages

Are you from latin america? Because in Spain everybody say "la ..." to ALL consoles

I was going to point out this. In Latin America we usually says 'El' when talking about consoles but in Spain most people uses 'La'

Some people here also uses 'La' but is not very common. And for some odd reason I see it more often on the xbox ('La xbox')



And the Wii U is an 8th gen console. Anybody that says otherwise is most likely a Nintendo hater.

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