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Blood_Tears said:
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Nsanity said:
Gran Failismo?

Yet will still out sell the last 2 forza games combined....Every second Gt game sells lower then the first of a gen.

Well there's a pipe dream if I ever heard one! I'd expect it to just pass Forza 4 sales at  best! (currently at 4.03mill)


It's possible considering he said the last 2 Forza games which is Horizon and F5. Horizon is only at 1.53M and F5 just came out. However, even if you wanted to use the "main installments" with F4's 4.03 and F5 might still work. If F5 doesn't get it's annual bundle next christmas then it's sales won't be at 4M. It might be then closer to 3M if that. Even then with GT legs, it's quite possible.

Yeah but counting Forza Horizon would be like saying Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles is a main game in the Final Fantasy series, it just isn't. If he's going by that and not 4 & 5 then it may be possible. I personally think Forza 5 will manage to reach clsoe to 5 mill (3 mill seems to low,imo) , only because it's the highest rated exclusive launch title for Xbone.

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