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"You are a troll!" Wait a minute until you post that and read it all.

This week numbers for Wii U are maybe the highest of the year. Until now. And the bump was because...yes, you already know.

Dragon Quest X expansion pack was almost sold out, or at least it sold a lot of the stock as the Japan Sales' thread of this week pointed. But why am I worried? Wii U sold almost 50k a week, 10 times a normal week. That's a lot!

Well yes, it's a lot. Then you are a troll.

No! Wait a little longer. That bump was caused by Dragon Quest X expansion, a mmorpg, genre not that popular in Japan. Yet, it managed to bump the console to the heavens, something that New Super Luigi U+Wii U White Premium Bundle+Wii Remote Plus, Pikmin 3, Wind Waker HD, Wii Party U and Super Mario 3D World can't.

So, will this means that Wii U needs the power of third party games to rise? It's kind of ironic considering how every third party effort has bombed, yet Wii U needs to rise hardware numbers. One of the proudest prouds for Nintendo console is how their first party software can sell consoles, but now, this is pointing otherwise.

I'm very worried as this foreshadows a future where third parties are needed for a Nintendo homeconsole to be succesful. Imagine that it needs a big Call of Duty launch to put respectable numbers, or Battlefield 4. What if you need FIFA, for example in Europe, or Madden in the US. And what about Assassin's Creed? Grand Theft Auto?

What if Nintendo games don't sell on Nintendo systems? I'll be sad the day a sequel of one of the highest Nintendo's first party franchises sees a drop of 50% between releases with a higher userbase. That day, Nintendo first party is dead.

Now, what do you believe?

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