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How does that help in career mode?? The mode that needs better ai the most??? Just another really poor decision from PD.....A-spec needed better Ai for the last 5 years, yet they improve it in...arcade mode, making carer mode generally bad. I love GT but it  really is frustrating seeing the really bad decisions being made at PD.

The AI in GT6 is not bad... it is good and harder... the Carrer Mode is supposed to be easy... that's didn't allow you to say the AI is terrible or bad.

What our friend are saying the reviewers just played the first Carrer races and wrote "terrible AI" when the AI in the game is way more complex than what they saw... so if you want to challenge the AI for real you need to set it to higuest possible... so you will have everything the AI in GT6 can delievy... you will be surprised.

Reviews should be surprised with the AI too if they invest more time with the game.

Career mode is NOT supposed to be that poor at racing....nor that easy................ Other games do ti fine, why can't GT? No damage is also ridiculous in a  sim, smnashing into a wall, bumper car your way to first undermines GT's sim nature. Game needs a lot of work.

i dont get the whines about carrer mode.

career mode in Forza4 was utter shit.  I gave up on it as its was totally meaningless, there was no accomplishemnt to it.

so what racing sim has this awesome career mode ?

Shift, Forza, Grid, Dirt all have good career modes, as do many PC sims even though they are not all sim.. All reviews and most people who played 6, the single biggest complaint is AI, sounds, no damage, career mode lacking..Carer mode in GT is dull, a long time trial against brain dead pylons.


What accomplishment is there in GT?? There is no challenge in GT at all. Heck shift despite its rubbish handling had a great varied carer mode with challenging AI. All rolling starts, chase the rabbit format is just plain bad. There is a reason Pd has rolling starts, no qualifying, you always start at the end......................The AI are just pylons.

Things are not quite so in GT6. Opponents may occasionally block your path, move aside to ruin the slipstream, avoid collisions and even ram you to put you off course. It's not something really challenging, yet it is improvement.

The tracks are the real challenge. Hence comes any real sense of accomplishment and it is the core and soul of the GT series. Fullfillment and sense of success comes from besting a real tough curve, exiting a bend or taking advantage of extra energy acquired  from upslopes and downslopes to "trick" the driving line and improve your time.

I've come to a conclusion that throughout the series, the races are nothing more than time trials... with company. Which actually is the case with real races in most times. I've been searching (like mad) the racing line (in real tracks), to see how others drove through it and I certainly never even thought to try and hit another racer. Of course, no money were on stake, so I dont't know what occurs when a real prize is waiting the victor on the finish line.

All in all, GT6 has improved over its predecessors. In almost every term. Whoever even remotely enjoyed the previous installments will certainly love this one.

This, I stole from grandpa...It's called soap.