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"Polyphony has produced a handling and physics model that is unmatched by any other racer, but failed to provide AI competition capable of showcasing it to its fullest."



I think maybe they didn't reace with AI set to max (10) because it is a hell of competition.

I think a lot of the complaints about AI come from reviewers only going through the novice part of the main races. It took reviewers weeks to get through GT5 when it came out, but now it seems like they just got the game, went through a few races and modes and called it a day.

I also think a lot of the gripes about engine sounds is due to them leaving the sound setting to Living Room instead of bringing it up to small theatre or large theatre. Collisions noise suck no matter the sound setting though, so they're right about those.

The AI is horrendous as are the sounds, and I am a big GT fan. It has nothing to do with reviewers only going through a few races. Career mode IN GT is really bad.

It's designed to get progressively more difficult, that doesn't mean the AI is bad. Other than the collision sound effects, and the lack of echo in tunnels, you can't say that the sound is bad. If that were the case, the sound in every racing game to date is bad because most don't match the level of authenticity in GT6.

I can say they sound is bad..because it is....The cars sound horrible, like vacumn cleaners.... The AI does not get better it's the worst I have seen ina  racing game period. No challenge, never fight for position, constantly sticking to the line and breaking whe it is not needed. Almost every race, the car that starts last ends up last and vice versa. Every other game has betetr AI, sounds. The racing is horrible. Gt right now  is ablout collecting cars and time trial, the racing is not good at all.

LOL so then give me an example of one car in GT6 that doesn't sound like its real life counterpart. Just one.

And please tell me of these other racing games that have better AI than GT6 on max difficulty.

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