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BeElite said:
Panicnausia said:

Yes sounds I forgot sounds, PD just seems to be ignoring the legacy issues fans have wanted for years. Credit payout is also brutally slow, worse then gt5....MAkes me wonder if Microtransactions  had a part to play, I hope not.

pure bs right there

iv gotten to 900k in credits while buying cars i dont need and modyfing them with out ever running the same race twice to grind money, gt5 was a brutal grind fest for me.  

You're correct. Rose tinted glasses I guess. Graphics weren't better in GT5, certainly not at launch. And it was a grind before the addition of bloated payout seasonal events and daily login bonus. The only way to get decent money at the start was in the special events and they only paid out once. I did a lot of B-Spec grinding before the changes. At some point I was so used to it I could start the next race and repeat the tournament just by looking at the hdd indicator, no need to switch from tv. To be fair I wanted all the expensive le mans cars, I didn't actually need them to progress.