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ethomaz said:

GamechaserBE said:

5 to be exact but Kinect support 8 languages:

Microsoft's product planner Albert Penello has since taken to Twitter and to Neogaf to confirm that voice control will be available in a further three countries, in addition to the five listed on the Xbox site. In a post on Neogaf, he clarified:

"In November
 - We will launch in 13 geos
 - 10 of those geos will support some voice features
 - We support 8 languages

The 8 Languages at Launch are:
 1) English - US
 2) English - GB (WW)
 3) French
 4) Spanish - MX
 5) Spanish - ES
 6) Italian
 7) German
 8) Portuguese


That is why Austria also have the xbox released because their official language is Germany.


We need to use English here in Brazil

And Portuguese is not Portuguese BR... I have trouble to talk with Portugueses... some times it is easy to talk with Spanish.

Now, You are lying!!

Kinect 2 Portugues Brazil works perfect, It as accurated as in English. Where did you put that out?

Sorry, but if you continue to spread missinformation I will have to report you.