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Dark_Feanor said:
ethomaz said:
endimion said:
what??? like production will be an issue in q2 &3... production in 2014 is not the issue... march april may or sept octobre or novembre is the best spots with sept oct nov being the best.... either titanfall launch or halo or other next year big title for the holiday season makes complete sense

Production is a issue for MS since release... that is the reason for them delayed in some countries... that is the reason for them not launch in these countries in Jan-Mar for example.

While in the other planet they are launch for every single country before March 2014.

For how long will you belive in that stupid rumor?

The produtions issues would be reflected in the hollyday months. And for everything we are seing Microsoft will easily ship as much XOne as Sony will ship PS4s.

The first months of 2014 will have a very big slowdown in salles across the board. No more than 500K Xone will be sold each month. This is more than 3x less the current pace.

Why would MS have problems to supply countries with less than 20% the WW market? Less than 100K which is 1/20 of Xbox sales this hollyday?

They use that stock instead to countries where next gen is really a demand, there are many countries in Europe who still buys last gen consoles. No more than 500k? How'd you know? I could pull some numbers out of my butt too and say that they will sell 1 million a month.