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Considering how well Sony is supplying the periferal countries (yes, this is a irony) there is not to be fear.

However, a Q3 is realy weird, damand in NA and EU won´t be that high for the first 2Q, no much more than 500K a month. They can produce a lot more than that as this hollyday supply has proved.

And just let me get back at some of our previous rumors.

Rumor 1 - Party Chat is broken and will take months to fixed.
Reality: Party Chat is just not as intuitive to use as in the 360.

Rumor 2 - Interface is sluggshed with terrible performance.
Reality: Interface works just as advertised, only with some dificulty to understand a few commands in few situations.

Rumor 3 - Yelds Issues, Xone will have a severely shortage for months.
Reality: The only console that appers to have shotage is the PS4, and with sales not as espetacular as some belived.