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Runa216 said:
The good: Telltale games, Donkey Kong, uuuuh, I can't actually remember anything else I gave a damn about.

The Bad: Joel, Fucking, McHale. Seriously, if you took out EVERYTHING HE DID...well, it'd still be pretty shitty, but he was by far the worst. He seemed to mock and ridicule the medium at every chance, he constantly interrupted the devs as they were talking about their games, asked stupid questions, and just generally acted like a stupid ass.

Didn't help that the show itself was terrible, too. A fucking iOS game from Remedy? NOBODY GIVES A STEAMING SHIT. Stupid "Smosh" bullshit? That faux dudebro thing? I fell asleep at the two hour mark, and remained disgusted upon my return to listen to retarded 'niggas' (gangsta term, not racist term) saying stupid shit then showing that they are little more than retards attempting poetry.

Fuck the VGX awards, Fuck Joel Hale, Fuck Spike TV, Fuck Gametrailers, Fuck this show, and Fuck anyone who thinks this was anything less than an insult to the medium and the hobby we all enjoy.

Never thought I'd say this, but Geoff Keighly (or whatever the fuck his name was) was the highlight of the show, the only glimmering sliver of dignity to be had, as he seemed like the only one who even remotely took it seriously, and you could see on his face he was fucking embarassed to be there.

I'm a little pissed. yes.

You lost most credibility when you said DK was a good part of the show.