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My list was only current gen games. I'll add some more through various generations.

Sports Champions (PS3 Move title.)
Legacy of Goku 2 and Buu's Fury(MohammedBadir list these, like the games.)
Chocobo Dungeon 2(listed by PullusPardus)
Azure Dreams(haven't ever heard anything bad from fans, only has a 72 on Gamerankings.)
Torneko the Last Hope
Shinobi 3DS(I rated it a 6.25/10 because my score isn't inflated and I think 6 is good.)
Beyond the Beyond(the timed attack system is stupid, but the game itself is decent aside from that.)
Driver Parallel Lines(better than the GTA games on the same console.)
Mega Man X6(people don't like this one for some reason. After X and X4 it's my favorite in the series.)
Parasite Eve 2(just because they went for the more popular Resident Evil gameplay style, fans of the original despise the game. It's a really good game. Stop hatin' yo.)
Breath of Fire Dragon Quarter. (People hating on this game because of its difficulty suck at video games. It's an RPG and mass grinding is not required.)
Castlevania 64
Dirge of Cerberus Final Fantasy 7(best third person shooter on the PS2 in my opinion and not because I'm a Final Fantasy fan. Game controls well, and fun to play.)
Final Fantasy 10-2
Grandia Xtreme(if you hear someone talking bad about this game, it's more than likely because the story sucks and the worst characters in the series. Gameplay is good though.)
Resident Evil Outbreak
Resident Evil Outbreak 2(only load times are bad in these games. The best Resident Evil games in my opinion though.)
Scarface the World is Yours(to this day, it's still the best GTA clone. It's better than all the GTA games.)
Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne(Persona fans need to play this game that's better than P3 and P4.)
Digital Devil Saga 1 and 2(these too.)
Unit 13
Final Fantasy Mystic Quest(good game. better than alot of non beginner RPGs.)
Sword of Vermillion.
Strider NES(best in the series imo.)
Yo! Noid.