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Excellent topic! I have so many! I am with you with Alone in the Dark. I played the Inferno version on the PS3 and loved it. Very underrated game. Now into the nitty gritty.

Risen 1 and 2!


Damnation(I am not kidding. I really like this game and completed the campaign three times. I have the platinum)


Haze(LOL) Yes the voice acting was attrocious and the graphics were so-so but the co-op campaign was really fun.


Gothic 4 Arcania


Shellshock 2:Blood Trails--A fun but dumb zombie romp.


Deadly Premonition--I have played this game to completion 3 times--On Xbox, PS3 Korean version and PS3 Director's cut. God I love this game

Venetica--I just love RPGs. I give them a lot of leniency with regards to story and acting as long as you can level up.


That is all for now as I am starting to get embarrassed.