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Dallinor said:
God damn. You guys get plenty of supply and we get shafted here in Ireland. I can't get one until late Jan or early Feb due to everywhere having too many pre-orders.

Not only Ireland is on the dark side of the love from Sony.
Sony Germany is responsible for Austria cause our Sony closed their office here.
They completely underestimated our demand.
A big game retailer here had over 2000 PreOrders and cause all this happened and Sony Germany confused some stuff they only get like 50 Units.

Except for 2 Shops no one has units for the shelf and they have combined ~30 Units.
All are for PreOrders - Some stores have over 300 PreOrders and get like 100 Consoles.
Rumor is obviously Sony is holding them back for Christmas to have supply but till then you won't find any sitting in stores officially.
At least one shop here did PreORder some units/bundles from the UK but they will probably be pricey as they announced and they get them late next week.Well better than nothing for some people probably.