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Another mistake releasing this on ps3 sony..This would really move ps4's in japan. I don't understand sony sometimes.

Catherine was made by P Studio. It was thought to be their way of familiarising themselves with the hardware (PS3/360) to prepare them for development of Persona 5.

It should come as no surprise to anyone who knows how Atlus operates that P5 will be 7th-gen. It's not a mistake... such a niche title would be entirely overshadowed on a brand new next-gen console, while it has little or no competition on PS3 for an 80 million install base. The dev team would also have to learn to program for an entirely new console to make it for PS4, and this game has been in development since before PS4 dev kits were available.

I think a lot of fans are forgetting that Persona 4 was also released at the tail end of the PS2 life cycle and the PS3 was already available world wide.

lol i cant beliee a lot of people are forgetting that fact. It should of been no surprise really.


@OP, Anyways i'll be captain obvious and point out that there are 5 chairs in the trailer so probably the game will have 5 main characters. lol they really are playing out the number 5. 


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