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No, it isn't some sort of weapon they'll use to threaten their former place of employment. The new site will be dedicated to the same sort of quality game coverage that the former GameSpot staffers are known for.

Posted by David Radd on Friday, March 07, 2008

After the controversial firing of Jeff Gerstmann, the resulting fallout saw many prominent GameSpot editors leave. It left many wondering what Gerstmann and many other former GameSpot staffers would do. Well, the answer has finally been revealed as GiantBomb.com. GameSpot veterans Alex Navarro and Ryan Davis will be joining Gerstmann at the site.

"Welcome to Giant Bomb: The Blog. It's sort of like Alien 3: The Gun, only with more explosions and less track," said Gerstmann in a post on GameSpot. "After working on this in secret for as long as we have been, it's totally exciting to be able to finally let you in on what we've been doing. I actually still haven't gotten used to freely speaking the name of the site in public, or even typing it, really. It's always been 'The Site' or 'The Thing I'm Doing' or 'If Marion Cobretti Was A Website.'"

"So let me start by telling you what Giant Bomb is, and then I'll briefly touch on what Giant Bomb will become," he continued. "Right now, we're opening up this blog, where myself and others will be writing about games, covering them in much the same way I've been doing on my personal blog for the past three months. Sometimes it will be off-the-cuff, sometimes it will be reasoned and well-thought-out. We'll review games here, and we'll talk about upcoming stuff, as well. We'll occasionally chime in on the news that surrounds the game industry, both here in print, and in our podcast, which will grow out of the Arrow Pointing Down podcast that I've been doing with Ryan Davis for the past few weeks. Yes, we will still continue to speak our minds on the latest happenings in the beverage and snack food industries. Don't you worry about that. We'll talk about games there, too. Surprise!"