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Wii got a good bump there, feeling the holidays, Wii U climbing really slowly, still below 1/3 of the PS3, 360 doing okay. 3DS beasting as usual and Vita up quite a bit!
PS4 had a good first week but all the stock was gone in the first day, or most of it anyway so it will be weeks and months before one can determine any sales trends.
Good opening though!
This will likely be the highest grossing holiday season ever in gaming, simply due to so many different consoles being alive and viable at once, should see some monster combined turnover and hardware/software numbers in the coming weeks.

End of 2016 hardware sales:

Wii U: 15 million. PS4: 54 million. One: 30 million. 3DS: 64.8 million. PSVita: 15.2 million.