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sales2099 said:
iceland said:
I'm guessing some people in this thread haven't played Halo judging by what is said. Don't let your bias get the best of you

It is really hard to appreciate the KZ lore after reading all the Halo novels, comics, short stories, and watching the blurays, and video games :P

So true.


I'm open to playing future Killzone game, 2 & 3 had some potential, but the story and lore certainly don't match Halo and Gears. I guess xbox fans are spoilt for choise when it comes to shooters. But, there is something about the sci-fi trench warfare stuff about Killzone that I do like. 

Killzone SF looks very different to Killzone, it could pass as a new IP if it had a different name. The problem lies with guerilla games. Once they hire better talent and creative guys, they have a shot at delivering a game on par with other shooters.