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I have a day one system and didn't have any problems with it until it was hit by lightning. It is possible to transfer the save data before shipping it. I sent my console in the memory was whiped, it was a faulty flash chip. (It keep resetting randomly without any errors.) I unfortantly forgot to transfer the saves. Nintendo probally has the best console warrentees out of the big three. On a side not it is a pain in the butt tryin to type with out an "s" key on you keyboard. My brother who is moving back in dropped my keyboard while rearranging the room, and lost it. I'm going to try to get him to get me a new one. (And not the cheep ones either whose keys are so close together you end up hitting the print sceen key while hitting the backspace. (My work has a back office computer with a cheep Wal-Mart special, that does that, well it not my paper they are wasting)