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FarleyMcFirefly said:

Well it has been a whole year now since the console launched.  I bought mine on day one.

I only had ever heard of the Xbox 360 faulty systems with the "red ring of death" I believe it was called.

If I had known that launch systems usually had problems I would totally have held off on the Wii U until this year.

My first Wii U kept freezing, so I sent it into Nintendo for repairs.  It took over a month for them to get it back to me.  When it finally got back to me, I had found out that they did not repair the system, only that they had sent me a new one with the same problems as the last one and all of my data was gone.

To this day it still freezes off and on, for some reason when it is loading the eshop and miiverse a lot lately.  Anyone else have issues?

Is their a way yet to copy and transfer Wii U game data to another system?  I just don't want to lose my data again...    

The freezing is not a WiiU defect it's actually problem with the software. Most of the WiiU patch since launch have been dealing with the freezing problem in the software. If your WiiU isn't connected to the internet it will have a lot more issues then one that is fully updated.

Tommy Jean, CPA, CGA