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Alright, here's a bit of news on how this Mario Kart 7 Tourney will go down:


Upcoming Events


A new Mario Kart 7 Tournament will take place (provisionally) on Sunday 17th November 3PM 12PM PST/8PM GMT! To join, merely post in the thread and be online approximately 15 minutes before the tourney is set to begin. You don't need to know any friend codes, merely the community which you will be in for the races! If there are more than 6 entrants, then we will split into 2 groups (Group 1 and Group 2). The top three from these two groups will go forward into the final, where you race the best the site has to offer! If there are 6 or fewer people, then everyone goes straight into the finals! 

The tourney will take place if 5 or more people are willing to take part. If not, then it shall be delayed until the following Sunday, where I shall renegotiate timings. 


1st- 25 Coins, 3 Stars

2nd- 15 Coins, 2 Stars

3rd- 10 Coins, 1 Star

4th or below- 3 Coins



User Group Code (Provisional)
Conegamer 55-8388-9137-0413
TBone51 18-3094-6731-8001
BiffAtlas 55-8388-9137-0413
TheKingofRedLions 18-3094-6713-8001
Einsam_Delphin 55-8388-9137-0413
STRKIE 18-3094-6713-8001


Other communities

VGC Finals- 19-3917-9889-6578 (Go here if you finish 3rd or above, or if there are 6 or fewer participants)

VGC Practice- 29-9703-0334-6761 (Go here to polish up your skills, either before or after the tourneys!)


And most importantly, good luck to everyone, and have fun!


As always, I'm open to answering any questions that may need answering. Also, be sure to check out the OP. There's a lot of new stuff up there, and it's constantly evolving! (If you've missed some news, then check out Post 5. That contains a news dump where I post all the big stuff). 

Most importantly, please join! This is a community project and I can only do so much! So get the word out; let people know about it. And if you can't do Mario Kart 7, then what can you do? Is there another game you'd like to have a challenge against us all on? If so, then let me know either here or via a PM and I'll see what I can do. Not every event will include games, ofcourse. For some, all you'll need is this thread, so keep an eye out for them as well!


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