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se7en7thre3 said:
That's bull IMO. As a Nintendo first fan, I want the ultimate console : exclusives and top notch 3rd party multiplats. I want flexibility in my buying options. I do not want to be FORCED into buying other consoles, because of their superior multiplats. If I want to buy in for MSony's exclusives, I may or may not do so. Nintendo not competing spec wise, forces consumers to put down big money for a competing console, and the multiplat games. That money could be going into Ninty's pocket. But they are not confident enough in competing with the big boys, apparently.

IMO, the only way Ninty competes in specs again, is if one of MS/Sony bows out the console business. Honestly, even if Wii U fails, ninty is too stubborn to realize their flaw, and will just try a different approach (possibly a gaming tablet)

This man tells it like it is !