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curl-6 said:
Kane1389 said:
curl-6 said:
Kane1389 said:

Yes,  and metroid is by no stretch of imgaination technically or graphically impressive by the general 7th gen standard

It is very graphically impressive. Not in terms of shaders and all that crap, but in terms of the visual impact, artistic design, how pleasing it is to the eye.

''shader and all that crap'' LOL, you mean the technical specs of the game, aka the graphics, which is the theme of this thread? 

Sorry,if the game doesnt have good ''shaders and all that crap'' than it cant be considered a graphically impressive game.

This is graphically impressive


This isn't


That top game isn't impressive at all, it looks dull and bland. The bottom one, Muramasa, looks vastly superior.

Graphics = visuals, not just tech. Great tech is irrelevant if the end product doesn't look good. Metroid Prime 3 looks better than most 360 games, hence it is more  impressive.

Actually it is literally 100 times more impressive thn Muramasa in just about every possible technical aspect. Polygons, animations, lighting, textures, shaders, literally everything. Your bias is extremly strong in this one.

Graphics are strictily about visual technical aspects of the game. What you are referring to are aesthetics, which are subjective, pointless to debate about, and are not what this thread is about.