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Wii U`s recente fortunes, or misfortunes if you will, are the result of things that take time to resolv.
When you don`t prepare games to come out on a timely basis, such strategy takes time to be corrected;
When people don`t know about your console, it takes time to show people what it is and what it does.

Slowly, people`s perception on Wii U has been changing and that´s a very positive sign.
It`s not because of graphics suddenly improved for Wii U, but because the games shown by Nintendo interested gamers and things like slow OS have also been improved.

For next year, Wii U does have a great exclusive line-up. But that`s just the stuff we know. And even then, no one really knows a lot of those titles.
8 titles that can make for a good and steady release schedule, when XB1 and PS4 will probably be facing droughts.

I believe there`s more to come for Wii U and hope/believe that things will only improve.