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Frame rate is bad in most games. Super Mario Galaxy runs very slowly, so does Last Story, and Xenoblade is a mixed bag.




These videos with similar specs to your PC says bery differently. Are you sure you aren't being dishonest about your results ? For shadow of the colossus you would need an i5-2500K overclocked to 4.3 ghz and a GTX 660 with SPEED HACKS to get it running at 1080p. 

I assure you I play Final Fantasy XII, both Kingdom Hearts games, and Dragon Quest VIII on my PC, and they run surprisingly well in 1080p except for  Dragon Quest VIII, the most demanding of them, that runs in 720p. I don't have SOTC, so I can't say how it runs on my PC.

I don,t know what else to say. xD Maybe I could try to make a video of them running. But I've never tried to do that, so I may need some time. =P

One thing you need to know about Dolphin, it runs better in DirectX 9 mode.

@Bold That part is true because a few games will miss some graphical effect when rednering in DX9 mode but that's done because of speed gains.

Were you running the WII games in DX11 mode ? BTW those games don't look very demanding to me and PCSX2 can run them pretty well but as for games like MGS3 and zone of the enders those will teach you a lesson to not have anything lower than an overclocked i5-2500K.  

When I mean that PS2 emulation is CPU limited I mean that it's really CPU LIMITED. The reason why the cpu power is very important for PS2 emulation is because the CPU essentially does most of the work for emulation. They have to emulate alot of compenents such as the EE and it's VUs which are very complex. Despite the fact that the PS2 has a multicore architecture the components needed very tight communication so a lower amount of threads were more preferable due to the fact that each component was required to pass information very quickly to another processing component and in turn caused PCSX2 to initially use 1 core but very quickly transisitioned to a usage of 2 cores because the developers sought out that the the GS could be isolated and in turn be made very threadable for more performance gains. The reason why PCSX2 can now use 3 cores is due to the fact that they have figured out a way to isolate VU1.

Hence why it is easier to emulate the WII rather than the PS2 because the gains in CPU performance hasn't skyrocketed like GPUs and the WII as well as GC is very dependent on the GPU to do most of it's graphics task. 

That "lecture" was not needed. -__-

I'll try ZotE and MGS3 when I get back from work later today, and share the results with you. 

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