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BuckStud said:

I don't see Nintendo dropping the Wii U anytime soon.  There are lots of great games coming out that those of us who own a Wii U or for the people who will still be buying one.

There are too many "brand loyal" people on these forums who call themselves "hardcore" gamers.  There's nothing "hardcore" about being a 1 system person.  I see these people as nothing more than sheep of the great hype machines.   I have all the system and a great computer than can out run any of the new systems.  I love them all and they all offer great games.  These so called "hardcore" gamers are missing out on a lot of great games.

Why must people argue about being a "hardcore" gamer?...
Why can't people love video games with a passion without needing all of the consoles?

These forums are funny. 
The only thing that I think about when I hear "hardcore" is porn.