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Nintendo is not going to discountinue the Wii U. No way. There is a 1% or 2% chance they could, but I see no forseeable future that the Wii U isn't in. Let me present to you the facts:

Unfinished Projects

- Zelda U (The biggest game that will most likely prove all Wii U haters wrong unless Nintendo decides to do cartoony like graphics. Probably 2015.)

-Yarn Yoshi (2014)

-Smash Bros (2014)

-Mario Kart 8 (2014)

- X (2014)

-Bayonetta 2 (2014)

-DKC: Tropical Freeze (2014)

-Shin Megami Tensei x Fire Emblem (2014)

Notice anything? 2014 has by far the BEST lineup (atleast in my opinion) of exclusives in gaming history. There is no way Nintendo is going to abandon Wii U next year, nor the next year, nor the year after that. With huge projects like Zelda U, they can't just drop everything.  Plus, this year we have Super Mario 3D World, which is looking to be potentionally the biggest Wii U seller created at this point. Not to mention, Miyamoto is working on a new IP which (if the rumors are correct) is an FPS it would certainly change Nintendo's image. Not to mention all those rumored projects, like the ReUmagined games, Metroid, StarFox, etc.


At this current point in time, it has been announced roughly 4 million Wii U's have been sold. Nintendo can't just abandon 4 Million people. How do you think that would go down? "We've decided to cancel a console that has 4 Million users. Please Understand." It's illogical. Nintendo will probably keep the Wii U EVEN if it does fail, and allow the 3DS to make their profits for them. Small profits are still profits. Abandoning fans is not in Nintendo's nature.

Extreme Money Loss

Nintendo at this point in time has invested millions upon millions of dollars into Wii U development. Do you know how devastating of a loss that would be if they just stopped development on all Wii U projects. ESPECIALLY since it is the first time they have been developing for a HD system. Nintendo is smart enough to not just end all developing or port it to the 3DS.

Third Parties

If Nintendo discountinued the Wii U, third parties would be PISSED. Third Parties already have games in development for 2014 such as Watch Dogs and the Amazing Spiderman 2. These companies are putting time and effort to developing for the Wii U, if Nintendo discountinued the console it would probably make third parties support Nintendo's next system even LESS than they are supporting the Wii U.


Nintendo is too smart and has been in the console industry for too long to stop supporting their next-gen console. If you really want to make fun of something for being doomed, make fun of the Ouya. Nintendo is certainly going to surprise us all this holiday. Mario 3D World is most likely going to change 90% on peoples opinions on the console.