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Kane1389 said:
curl-6 said:
Kane1389 said:

Yes,  and metroid is by no stretch of imgaination technically or graphically impressive by the general 7th gen standard

It is very graphically impressive. Not in terms of shaders and all that crap, but in terms of the visual impact, artistic design, how pleasing it is to the eye.

''shader and all that crap'' LOL, you mean the technical specs of the game, aka the graphics, which is the theme of this thread? 

Sorry,if the game doesnt have good ''shaders and all that crap'' than it cant be considered a graphically impressive game.

This is graphically impressive

This isn't

Honestly, of the two I am more drawn to the game on the bottom. It has charm and seems distinct. I have not played either game, and don't recognize either. Still, if I had to choose I like the style of the one of the bottom. It is not an objective fact. It is a subjective choice. Others will prefer the game on the top. I have seen GTA5 played and it looks pretty, but I was getting bored with the franchise with 4. I'd maybe rent it and give it a try, but the graphics alone are not enough to keep me interested. Graphics can enhance an experice - either through realisim or artistic style. However, the prettiest graphics in the world won't mean a thing if the game is bad. 

"But as always, technology refused to be dignity's bitch."--Vance DeGeneres