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like i said in the other thread, Nintendo has a knack for making games look and play amazingly even on limited hardware, thanks to their unique art styles and gameplay, which also happen to greatly affect the games' chances of withstanding the test of time.

i mean look at this!


pretty good for some "underpowered 6th gen equilivant" hardware, don't you think?

Nah, that just seems impressive to you because of your low standards, which comes from having the Wii as your primary console. 

Not necesssarily correct at all. I've had a 360 for longer than I've had a Wii but Metroid Prime 3 is still more impressive to me than most 360 games.

No, Metroid is not more graphically impressive than most 360 games. That statement is factually incorrect

"Impressive" is not a factual matter. It means refers to how much something impresses someone. And Metroid Prime 3 impresses me more than most 360 games.