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selnor1983 said:
Slimebeast said:

I do think Ryse looks fabulous. Colors, art style, sharpness of textures, high poly models and that beautiful shiny lighting - everything is in my taste. To me Ryse looks like the second best looking next gen graphically (after The Division).

But I also believe Ryse benefits from being extremely linear and having small areas. That has to be the explanation.

Meanwhile I bet graphics experts will be able to point at several advanced graphical features being present in Killzone Shadowfall, effects that aren't prominent in Ryse.

The IGN guy is a novice at gaming graphics.

Considering Crytek say Ryse is doing visual effects and stuff not even found in Crysis 3 on PC says alot about Ryse. 

I cant wait to play a linear story driven title. Sony has loads of these, ( God Of War, TLOU, Uncharted ) its nice that Microsoft can accomodate that for Xbox gamers as well. 

I was lucky enough to go to London yesterday and actually play Ryse. Got a spot on the Xbox Tour. 

Really enjoyed the game. Played like Arkum meets God Of War. The combat was more rewarding than anyting I read about. 

Graphically it was jaw dropping. The visuals on the fire for example are not matched by anything. Also the character models and facial animations DURING gameplay were astounding. If this is really only a launch game, we are blessed with whats to come. 

Sorry but reality is Ryse is no different in the combat and linearity to GOW or Ninja Gaiden. But as its a Microsoft exclusive I fear reviewers will just say Linear this and combat that. Fine if they dont like this sort of game, but unfair to fans of this type of genre. Because its an incredible game for those types of gamers. 


Also I thought people said Forza 5 looked average and the same as this gen?

I played it yesterday, and it is also unbelieveable visually. It completely destroys Fora 4/Horizon and the demo of GT6. Its not even close. It looks amazing. And the physics are definately not possible on current gen ardware.


Im stoked. Im not getting any shooters at launch. The games I played yesterday were awesome fun and all different genres. 

Oh and Killer Instinct WAS F**king amazing. That game will build some serious steam.

if you honestly believe this watered down casual bullshit is on par with dmc and god of war then you really are as delusional as you are pathetic.  Smh

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