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StokedUp said:
People still playing this??

Does anyone know whether there's a problem with the request a friend feature? Also the player search feature aswell? You see I just finished CUTTERS CRY dungeon for the first time today after 4 attempts. The reason I beat it was because of the other players I was with were really good, friendly and helpful. So after I finished the dungeon And we'd split up and gone back to our own games I went onto the chat log to highlight there names and press SQUARE to request a friend invite. But every time I did it, it said PLAYER OF THAT NAME CANNOT BE LOCATED, so tryed to use the search option to find them in the world but it couldn't find any of them. It's baffled me cuz I was playing with them minutes before. There were a real good bunch of players aswell so I'm gutted Ibecause the likelihood of me bumping into them again is minimal.

The reason you cant locate them is because the people you find while using the duty finder are players that can originate from any server in the game.  With this being the case, you cannot find or play with them without switching servers.  Just think of using the duty finder as temporarily joining a separate server set aside for you and the other players who you are matched with for that particular dungeon.  There are also definitely people still playing this game I can assure you.