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Salnax said:

Today in Nintendo News

  • As of yesterday, Nintendo disabled Swapnote due to peoples' abusing the application
  • NintendoLand's MSRP has been officially reduced to $30, down from $60
  • According to Nintendo Life, the 2DS alone was the best selling system in the UK last week.
  • The Zelda team is still messing around with backwards themes.
  • A new Luigi-themed 3DS XL is now available for 180 pounds in the UK
  • Possible new Pokemon species leaks
  • Best Buy is having a 3DS sale! Get a 3DS XL for $170, a regular model for $140, Paper Mario: Sticker Star for $8(!), Just Dance 3 for $8, Black Ops 2 for $20, and all sorts of various good deals.
  • Salnax has posted the latest Monthly Most Wanted thread, so be sure to vote!

Damm, you were pretty serious at putting some news today at 9:00

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