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those comparisons are always fun. i mean, why don't you just post 3 pictures of a game in 720p, 900p and 1080p and tell the people to look at these pictures on exactly the tv they will play the games on? that will make much more sense for everyone as such a comparison because only if you show people how they will see it when they play on their console will tell them how the difference really is.

even if you post 720, 900 and 1080p screens and people will look at them on their pc monitor will be most of the time useless because that is not comparable to their gaming environment in their living room.

and since i think i know you well enough from some posts i think the reason why you buy a ps4 is simply because you prefer what a sony console has to offer if we look at the games and not because of 1080p. i mean, i just don't think that you would buy an xb1 or wii u instead of a ps4 if xb1 or wii u would be little bit stronger. and that is the case for pretty much everyone on this or other sites. i can't give you the name of even one user who would buy an xb1 or wii u instead of a ps4 if the power difference would be in xb1's or wii u's favour.