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dsgrue3 said:

Humiliating myself by demanding that someone back up their claim? Uh do you not understand logic either?

Seece is wrong in one aspect. It's not common sense, it's common knowledge. Yes, you are humiliating yourself by demanding someone to back up obvious statements, so you may quit that "understand logic" bs. Were you born yesterday? Or do you live under a rock? A short update - the world is round, 2+2=4, soda is bad for you. If you're in doubt - google it, you'll find more info on it than you can digest.


@Zappykins - nice find

What's hilarious is your lack of ability to form an argument.

It's your claim and Seece's. Either back up your claim, or admit you can't. You don't get to say "it's common sense/knowledge" when it isn't.

Of course you hear this on the media, but what I'm attempting to get you and Seece to realize (although you seem quite deliberately obtuse to it) is to look into the actual scientific studies themselves.

There is a shit ton of misinformation, quote mining, conflation, and untested analysis being thrown around by the media  because they couldn't care less about giving the facts, they care about RATINGS.

So unless you've spent some time investigating the actual studies, which to my knowledge very few if any show a detrimental effect to humans because the majority of the studies don't pertain to humans, then you aren't in a position to comment. They are simply guessing based upon how mice and other animals respond to certain substances contained within soda.

Another point of contention is that not all sodas possess the same chemicals, so generalizing them in such fashion speaks volumes to your ignorance on the topic.

It's not lack of ability, it's lack of will. I don't want to waste time and energy proving obvious things that ARE common knowledge. You can and should just google it. And yes, I've read quite alot about this and other stuff we eat and drink, since I take care of what I eat and drink and how it influences my body.

You may feel free to believe otherwise, just don't be surprised people are looking at you with pity or that your @ss is gonna grow at a terrifying pace. Though on the other hand - I guess in America that's rather normal. You pay the price being much less healthy than Europeans I guess.

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