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Hynad said:
snyps said:
S.T.A.G.E. said

if Sony had motion tracking (move) in development since 2004 I need to see evidence from before the wii became a success.  Otherwise it's just lies from Sony.  The kinect is kin to the eyetoy but it's not a rip off of it.  Microsoft didn't say, "man that eyetoy is such a phenomenal success!  Let's make one too."  they didn't capitalize on Sony's hands free fad.  They took a dead idea and gave it life, which is not the same as stealing IMO.

Woah! Your comment is like... The definition of double standards.

i do have different standards for biting a successful idea and biting a failed idea.  Different standards for different situations, not groups. Sony made the first dual analog controller.  Everyone stole it.  Sony started the dvd/blueray media format in games.  Microsoft copied that.    These are all successful ideas.


Sony created remote play with the psp, for use with ps1 games and lair.  Sony later supported remote play with vita, for use with 2-3 HD remasters.  Remote play on ps3 is a failed implementation of a great concept.  Therefore I don't give sony credit for Wii U's perfect implementation of this concept.