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S.T.A.G.E. said


I'm not discrediting ps+. It is just not a game craft innovation.  Eye toy was an innovation on ps2.  Kind of a weak one but it was a long time ago.  It was basically a reverse zapper.  It told the ps2 where things were and weren't in a 2D plane.  Microsoft made one that can tell the Xbox where things are in a 3D plane and do voice recognition.  I'll concede that kinect is a type of successor to eye toy.  it's just such an enormous leap that it's difficult to conceive.  Move is also a leap over wii remotes.  It just.. Well.. Lemme me put it this way.. Kinect improved something unpopular and made it more popular.. Move improved something popular and made it less popular.


I guess I'd say move and kinect are both innovative in their own respect and took ingenuity.  The difference IMO is, ms' motives were to create the first step toward a ms brand smart home and cannibalize the Wii market.  Sony's motives were to cannibalize the Wii market.  Nintendo's motives were to avoid competing in the clone war.  It's easy to see, under these conditions, ms would still create kinect regardless of wii or eye toy. Sony would not create move if not for Wii.  Nintendo would not create Wii if not for a war of attrition.  The moral is all gaming companies innovate thanks to strong competition, fearless leadership, and crafty engineers.  Kudos to the console war.