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snyps said:
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But I am biased.   It's gotta do more than work.  It's gotta be the greatest thing since sliced jerky.  Ppl have gotta swear by it.  I wanted move and eye toy. For the entire year or two that I waited for sorcery to release I clenched my wallet and looked at the move controllers with tears.  By the time sorcery came I didn't care anymore, given that Sony didn't either.  That was the eye toys chance.  Now it's dead and it never reached a tenth of its potential (and face it, move is a direct ripoff).  Six axis, the only time I used it was in gta iv and lair... Don't get me started.  What a fail.  Another slip shot attempt to be a me too motion control.  Six axis is sloppy and useless.  If I'm wrong I'd like to know which game you recommend for it.  And that's it for game craft innovation. Two fails and one cool knockoff.
If you wanna talk about ps+, you're entering business innovation.  Ps+ rental subscription is just sega channel.  Should Sony deserve credit for renting out games you didn't choose?  From a business perspective yeah, you guys like that business model.  I prefer club Nintendos model,  four free games everymonth you keep for ever.  My biggest problem with ps+ is its gonna be required for online play.  That's devolution in my biased opinion.
Kinect is well supported, successful, simple, useful, and getting better.  Can't say the same for Sony's "innovations".  Kinect has its own thing going.  It's not a direct ripoff of Wii.  It's motion control, but it's hands free.  They did something different and were successful at it.  Plus te fact that ms includes an improved version with their new box says all the rest.  But honestly, after looking at some of the ps move games on wiki, I'm thinking about buying one.  it's unoriginal IMO, but I can still enjoy it.

I think you mean the Kinect is a more marketable device and became a trend. Thats all you really had to say. Sony has not majorly tried to make motion gaming a phenomenon they just did it because they wanted to add to gaming and give consumers a choice. No need for a rant. Microsoft won the marketing war with a device Sony essentially brought to the market. As for using Sega channel as an excuse to discredit Sony for the same logical reasons you uphold the Kinect you're going to need to move further than that and use the Gameline from the Atari which was the first. Microsoft had no device to combat the Wii's phenomenon, so they took what they could get and invested into it. Much like Nintendo they needed outside help with tech for most of the things they do, much like they were the outside help for Sega when they needed help for online. Of course they wanted to do the same for Sony and Sony denied them so now they joined in gaming to stand in their way. I concede that in retrospect PSN Plus might not have been so innovative, but the fact that it offers discounts, themes avatars and more adds to what it does that others of its kind had never done in the past. Again, thats the same argument you're using for why the Kinect is so relevant.