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Kresnik said:
Sadly, this is a similar scenario to increases with Vita after price cuts & the like. When viewed in a vacuum and with percentages attached, it looks damn impressive, but then you stick some actual numbers in there and realise it's just at the levels it should've been at all along.

Nevertheless, an increase is an increase and that's a very good thing. No massive game attached with it either, really. And it's the first step towards a proper recovery and all that. So, not bad at all.

When I see these percentage increases when a game releases on a poorly selling device, I see it more as confirmation that games are, indeed, just what the system needs and that it isn't inherently doomed.  Given the fact that the Zelda game is an HD remake of one of the lesser popular in the franchise, it's pretty good to see how many new Wii U owners came for it.

I know I'm repeating some of what you said, but I'm kind of addressing the entire thread while using your quote as a reference...