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PeterSilenced said:

I want pokemon Y but for that i need a 3ds but if a buy a 3ds then i can no longer afford the xbox one at launch and i also love the xbox one.

The 3ds only has pokemon as a game that interestes me but shit its POKEMON ! *starts crying*i want the green pokemon and i also want my charizard Y it sucks i hate you pokemon i am 18 years old for god sakes and you still grab my balls you bitch.

And the xbox one that is the console i want a console that will have many games many many games that i like ...but they aren´t pokemon *Cries louder*

I love you Xbox one but pokemon is pulling hard...

Now its your turn,do you think i should wait for the xbox one or be caught in poke fever and buy pokemon+3ds?

If you choose pokemon,please mention other great 3ds exclusives or your overall experience with the sistem including your hurdles thank you for making my life better.

Buy a PS4 and use the savings to get a 3DS.  Otherwise stop crying.  This is what we call "1st world problems"...