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I want pokemon Y but for that i need a 3ds but if a buy a 3ds then i can no longer afford the xbox one at launch and i also love the xbox one.

The 3ds only has pokemon as a game that interestes me but shit its POKEMON ! *starts crying*i want the green pokemon and i also want my charizard Y it sucks i hate you pokemon i am 18 years old for god sakes and you still grab my balls you bitch.

And the xbox one that is the console i want a console that will have many games many many games that i like ...but they aren´t pokemon *Cries louder*

I love you Xbox one but pokemon is pulling hard...

(after a long thread)

Winner-3DS+Pokemon Y+The legend of Zelda:ocarina of time 3D soon i will get Fire Emblem and will consider Kingdom Hearts 3D,Monster Hunter 3ultimate, and the next Zelda.

I choose the normal 3DS because of included charger, better price looks and portability,i expect to buy an Xbox One when it releases in Portugal somewhere in spring hopefully Titanfall bundles will be available... so no xbox one from France no more.

So far this 3DS venture into Nintendo land as cost me ~260 euro i will treat this as next gen thank you to the people who helped me in this hard decision .

I will post reviews of the sistem and games as soon as i get them maybe in the 22nd of October in another thread bye .