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Somini said:
landguy1 said:
I don't think too many people will argue that the PS4 will outsell the XB1 this holiday. The difference i would think is that it will be caused by hardware availability. I think both systems will essentially sell out through January. It seems pretty clear that Sony is way ahead of M$ as far as production goes.

Are you saying the Xbox One would outsell the PS4 if Microsoft could produce enough units and launch in as many countries as the PS4 will?

You're pretty consistent in your lack of comprehension and actually reading posts.    I clearly said that both systems will sell out through January.  It won't matter how many either produces.  So, if both had produced 3 million, then they both would have sold 3 million.  Did I ever say that the XB1 will outsell the PS4?  No, because both systems will be supply constrained.