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DanneSandin said:

There is a big difference between the AAA games of today and those of yesterday. The AAA games of today costs sooo much more to make, generally speaking, and that have pushed the budgets for the AA games as well, this in turn have cased a lot of publishers and studios to close because they didn't get their investments back.

I've tried 3 times to write something yet each time get stuck in my own words, so I'll put is simply. Times have changed, puzzle games in the PS1 era had 10 people making them and sold at £40. FFVIII had maybe 100 people working on it and it sold for £40 a copy. FF8 will sell more and make money but the puzzle game will also sell enough to make money.

PS2 era was the inbetween, everything was still charged at £40.

Now, we have inflated budgets because of online (so server costs) and higher quality that we consumers demand yet we don't want to pay more, we expect £40. Puzzle games are are £5-10 on PSN/XBL. High costs for bigger games means less profits, now RRP for smaller games mean less profits.

The mid-tier games (no idea what that actually means anymore) are surely games like Xenoblade, fighting games like Tekken or good handheld games which will sell for a profit. 

AA games are the ones that fail, true big budget games usually have the backing of dedicated fans. Yet some games are expected to reach as close to they can to this AAA quality with limited budgets, they spend more to get there and when they fail, people wonder why.


I still don't know what I'm writing. I have it in my head... must be a bad day.

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