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Yeah, games like GTA and COD are so detrimental to the industry. Things would be so much better if it consisted solely of neverending rehashes of Nintendo's now nearly 30 years-old IPs, and countless cookie-cutter JRPGs.

While I agree that not every game needs to be this "AAA" blockbuster type title that costs hundreds of millions to develop and market, without these types of games the industry would be where it was 20+ years ago as a niche hobby market.

Edit:  badgenome totally owned this thread with his epic post (I don't care if it was copy-pasta'd or not, you're still the best princess on here in my book.)

I'll just ignore your first statement, since it's pretty ignorant.

But I don't think we would end up THAT far back in time. The AAA games have taken on a new dimension this past gen. Last gen (with PS2, GC and Xbox) we had AAA games, AA Games and A games (and shovelware) -  all that we were missing out back then was the indies.

Yeah, who would have thought badgenome would be the smartest person around? That was a really good post

How so?  All I'm saying is that it's pretty ridiculous for someone to single out the continued huge success (and subsequent sequels/milking) of AAA franchises like GTA or COD and claim that this is bad for the industry, but at the same time completely ignore the fact that companies like Nintendo, SEGA, Square, Capcom, Konami, etc have been doing this very thing with their established IPs for decades now.  Has the industry suffered and creativity been stymied because of the release of the umpteenth Mario or Sonic title?  Is it going to collapse under the weight of the next MGS or Final Fantasy?

I actually think that GTA has a lot more in common with Nintendo IP's in the way they're released and handled than GTA has in common with CoD and AC. R* releases a new GTA every 5 years and adds a lot of new things with every new instalment (just like, let's say Mario 3D), while CoD and AC are annual releases that doesn't see all that much improvment from title to title. A new GTA or Mario is like jumping from AC1 to AC4; it's the same basic gameplay - but new things have been added and improved.

I think that the OP takes issues with the AAA games overly bloated budgets and the annual releases, and it's these facts that's hurting the industry.

These games are succesful in making money, they are qualiity games (anyone claiming CoD or AC isn't quality is out of touch with reality) and they bring gaming into the mainstream bringing millions of new customers in. The gaming industry needs these kind of games. I haven't read one single argument as to how these games are actually hurting the industry. Come on. Enlighten us.