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rendo said: There you go taking my words out of context again. I have 2 kids under 2. I _KNOW_ I do the best job I can with them, so does that make me a bad parent for congratulating myself on molding my kids into responsible humans? You need to go to bed, because right now it's very hard to tell what end your thoughts are coming out of.
I never meant your children. That's why I used a super extreme... extreme. So it wouldnt be personal. But I know people that HAVE happend to. I know the parrents. They did everything they CAN do for them. And that happens. Bad parrent? No. Bad Kid? Yes. However that is not fun... And if you think it is, you should have your children taken away. EDIT: I am not a immature little brat kid like I act. I assure you. I was picked out of 3000 applicants... I was one of 10. That was when I had almost no history being a mod. I have a game face. I dont like it. But i have it. As a mod. Just dont force me to turn it on.

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