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Really now, moderation is determined by specific guidelines set in place. It's scenario dependant. There's no right or wrong answer when it comes to this, well mine is 100% right, but that's besides the point. How I would moderate any forums, I would let the first guy have his fan boy rant, but edit his post so it doesn't look like he has no idea what the CAPSLOCK key does. People with a right mind will put him in his place for his post, so let the boy troll. The second guy however is a winner. His post gets removed for flaming a personally specifically, not to mention promoting bodily harm. Real champ there. EDIT Being a parent is a job, is that not supposed to be fun? You seriously don't have a clue. I hope Wii_Gamer chooses someone with a bit more class than you, you're obviously not fit to be a mod here.