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hiimnew said:
Alright so, I think we can agree the wii u will be hitting its peak soon enough. The biggest release is about to come, Wind Waker. If the bundle fails to sell wii u's then I will have no hope for it, however I think it will do well.

Looking at Pikmin 3 hardware sales went up in both NA/Japan a sizable amount. Why can't the same happen with LoZ which has a few perks being, Bundled with the console, Limited Edition Game Pad, Price Drop, and lets not forget that LoZ is a bigger franchise than Pikmin. I'm going to take a shot at the guessing game and say 150k+ Wii U sold first week when bundle comes out.

You know, this reminds me a lot of 3DS, LoZ remake, price drop, bundle, and competition...

Anyways what are your guys' guesses on Wind Waker sales? Curious to see how this goes since it is so close from release.

I am not going to try to predict what an HD remake of a Zelda title that had mixed opinions when it was released, is going to have on the sale of the Wii U.  What I do know is, saleswise, Elder Scrolls is a bigger IP with gamers at this point, in regards to meme generation and sales.  Zelda is still a storied franchise and know, but the buzz is not on the same level as Elder Scrolls.